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NetMorph Swiki


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Members Instructions つかいかた

NetMorph is a visual mobile agent system. In the environment, network-enabled morphs can move freely across the World (desktops). It will lead us into a new kind of collaboration!

What's new?

NetMorph 0.3 (for Squeak 3.8&Squekland 05) is available now! (10/24/2005)

Old versions:

You can also install NetMorph from SqueakMap.

We demonstrated NetMorph in IPAX Autumn 2003.
2003年9月29日(月)〜30日(火)に東京国際フォーラムで開催される第12回IPAX Autumn2003に出展します。(abee:17/09/2003) 終了しました。

Uploaded Image: IPAX2003autumn.jpg

NetMorph 0.1 is now available on SqueakMap!(ume:01/06/2003)

Now, demo images are settings-free. Just download and run! here. (ume:05/06/2003)
  • For OS/X users! - copy the Squeak VM and run NetMorph image on each VM. This is OS/X VM restriction.
  • デモイメージの場合、OS/Xユーザは、各イメージ用にSqueakVMをコピーして起動しましょう。
  • 初めて使うときは、2つのイメージを起動した後に両方とも再起動してください。これは自動生成されるRESOLVER_WorldMap.csvの読み込みを確実に行うためです。
  • 日本語版の使い方は英語版と同じです。ただし、地域名に日本語は使えません。また、地図用csvファイルの行末コードはCR(16r0D)でお願いします。
  • ワープ時に「MessageNotUnderstood: languageClass」のエラーがでることがあります。これは、再度実行したり、モーフを回転させたり、スクリプトをつけることで直る場合があります。すみません。
  • サーバは英語版を使ってください。

NetMorph is just available for beta testing! (Currently only for Squeak-Ja people). (ume:20/05/2003)

We performed the first field test of NetMorph in CAMP on 2nd Feb. 2003.(abee:17/2/2003)
Uploaded Image: CAMPs.jpg
More pictures taken by Nonoshita-san are here. (abee:11/6/2003)

A new stable demo image is available now! (ume:16/01/2003)

We will perform nice demonstrations in OOSPLA 2002.
Come and meet us in CampSmalltalk and Squeak BOF!!

  • John McIntosh's BOF report is here. --abee (7/11/2022)
Uploaded Image: SqBOF.jpg


Now contents are rather obsolete! (ume:10/06/2003)

2005 images

2004 images

2003 images

2002 alpha images


Uploaded Image: warp.jpg warp.MPG
If you want to go to another world, drop 'warp' tile into your script simply. --abee (23/08/2002)

Uploaded Image: warpTo.jpg warpTo.MPG
Also, you can warp anywhere directly by 'warp to' tile. --abee(23/08/2002)

Uploaded Image: poof.jpg
Warping out... Wow, it exploded! --abee(23/08/2002)

Uploaded Image: tennis.jpg
I'm playing tennis with a neighbor. --abee(23/08/2002)

Uploaded Image: wormHole.JPG
My ellipse was dropped into a worm hole beyond the event horizon. It multiplies infinitely... --abee(28/08/2002)

Uploaded Image: linearAcceleration.jpg
The linear acceleration motion through three Squeaks. --abee(07/01/2003)

Uploaded Image: clieSqueak2s.jpg
NetMorph on SONY CLIE PEG-NZ90 with VNC... --abee(17/02/2003)

Uploaded Image: clieSqueak3s.jpg
It works fine. --abee(17/02/2003)