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WorldStethoscope Swiki

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English / 日本語

Scratch Board (aka PicoBoard) works with Etoys now! File in ScratchBoardForEtoys.cs.gz to Etoys. Please read the preamble of this cs file before using.

World-Stethoscope works with Scratch now! File in WsForScratch.zip to ScratchSource1.2.1.

You can download new image and quick reference from here (ProbingOurWorld060719.zip).


We propose a new device called 'World-Stethoscope', which translates different phenomena into sounds. By using the device with supportive morphs in eToys, our real world can be connected to the computer world. It would provide a new kind of laboratory for children. We also integrate NetMorph with the new system to achieve the collaborative works of the children all over the world.

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Above illustrations were drawn by Koji Yokokawa. Thanks!

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The First Prototype of World-Stethoscope

Uploaded Image: 1stPrototypeS.jpg

The Second Prototype with Various Sensors

Uploaded Image: sensorsM.jpg Uploaded Image: 2ndPrototypeS.jpg

The Production Prototype

External Image

Sensor TypeRangeConverted Frequency
Temperature-10 - 100 C (14 - 212 F)300 - 3000 Hz
Luminance10 - 10000 lx200 - 3000 Hz
Voltage0 - 3.0 V0 - 3000 Hz

Designed by Art-Techno Ltd.


Play with Sounds. You can play with or without a World-Stethoscope hardware.

'Squeak Trek - Adventures with World-Stethoscopes' is an IPA Exploratory Software Project FY2003 (Alan Kay PM).

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Tetsuya Hayashi, Kazuhiro Abe and Alan Kay
on October 6th 2003 at ASTEM in Kyoto

World-Stethoscope logomark is designed by Thoru Yamamoto. Thanks!